Do we need to make a booking?

We always recommend to book in advance to avoid disappointment. Casual walk ins will be accommodated into the next available game.


How much is your booking fee?

We do not charge a fee for your Laser Tag games, corporate event or birthday party booking, but we do require a deposit to reserve your space at the time of booking.


Why do we have to pay a deposit?

A deposit is required to protect both us and you from any miscommunication or lost bookings. It allows us to ensure that you have the correct number of spaces for your event, meaning that nobody has to miss out on playing a game and that you are committed to turning up for your booking.


Why is my deposit non refundable?

As we start to fill up our booking schedule, we often end up turning away groups wanting to book their party or corporate event through us. Allowing cancellations any closer to the day means we end up with unbooked space and other groups end up missing out.


Why can’t I make a tentative booking?

Unfortunately our history with tentative bookings has been less than lucrative. The majority of ‘tentative bookings’ never end up calling back to pay a deposit or confirm, avoid our calls and sometimes even give fake phone numbers!


What clothing is needed to play?

All players must be wearing covered footwear for safety. Jandals, sandals, barefeet and high heels will not be allowed to play. Sneakers or running shoes would be best. T-shirts must be worn

We also have black lights in our maze so anything white will light up so your opponents will know where you are!!


Why can’t we play with just our group?

Megazone West is the newest Laser tag centre in New Zealand. We can accommodate up to 25 participants in each game. We find that mixing groups makes every Laser Tag game more exciting and challenging for the players. We do endeavour to mix groups of a similar age to ensure everybody enjoys their experience at Megazone.


If the games are 12 minutes why are the sessions 15 minutes long?

We guarantee you a 12 minute game in our Laser Tag arena. Couple that with the time it takes for groups to swap over and to prepare the game and we find that most sessions end up around the 15 minute mark.


Why do we have to have a 20 minute break between games?

Megazone does recommend a mandatory 20 minute break between games. We recommend for a number of reasons:

– Laser Tag is a demanding physical activity. 20 minutes gives players a chance to cool down between games and strategise for the next.

– The break gives you the chance to check your scores and go over individual stat sheets. See where you can improve and find out who performed best!

– This 20 minute break gives another group the chance to play a game so that nobody is left waiting around for an hour before they get their chance in the Laser Tag arena.


Why do we have to give you confirmed numbers before the day?

Our Laser Tag arena has limited capacity. Confirming your numbers before the day allows us to reserve the correct number of your spaces for your group.


What if extra friends turn up on the day, can they still play?

Any extra participants will be allowed to play subject to availability on the day.


Can my 4 or 5 year old play, he’s a tough kid?!

Our policy in the past has been that all participants must be 6 years old or 1.1 meters to play. Recently we have relaxed this policy. As long as you are happy for you to child to play then that is fine. You take responibilty for them though, and no refund will be given if they become scared or cant play properly.


What if my friends don’t turn up on the day?

Unfortunately we do not offer refunds for participants that do not turn up on the day. We suggest you collect money upfront from any attendants you are unsure of.


What if extra friends turn up on the day, can they still play?

Any extra participants will be allowed to play subject to availability on the day.






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